You are amazing

I want to tell you about the most incredible thing in my life. It’s like the best life insurance one could afford. But it’s so good, it’s without price. There’s something about the most fulfilling things in life. No amount of money could purchase them. This one thing has transformed my life and continues to, even today.

It is being able to completely trust one. One who I know is wise. Is discerning. Who has my best interests at heart. Who knows what he is doing. He has a plan. He never forces me. He leads. He guides. He shares his heart. He cares more than I will ever know. He gave everything he had to have me, as his own.

No matter what the future holds, I have joy that I am his and he is mine. You have no idea what an incredible difference that makes. Until you truly know him. You cannot fail.

A partnership that isn’t based on anything of this world. A partnership where he stopped at nothing to display his heart. A partnership where he is always stronger, wiser. A source of peace, joy, comfort, forgiveness. A friend at all times.

The most amazing thing I am finding is that truly knowing him, The closer you get, the more he helps you not to fear.

I have a lot of fears. A fear of shark attack in the deep water.A fear of falling from a mountain. A fear of rolling the car. A fear of a tree falling in high winds. A fear of pushing ones I love away by something I say or do. A fear of not being loved. A fear of not being able to love. A fear of not being enough. And I’m pretty sure the list could go on. Pretty darn sure. But you get the picture.

I find though, the more time I spend with him, the more he encourages me to trust and not fear. To trust him completely. To see others as he sees them. It’s not the same way we see. His eyes are so pure.His eyes don’t have our filters. His eyes see the very heart.

His eyes see the future too, So they’re not confined to the past, And they do not stop at the here and now. They see everything that was, that is and that is to come. And he can help us have that vision sometimes.

When we come alongside him. When he puts his hand on our shoulder, He looks deep into our eyes, He smiles, He knows, He speaks,He points, He shows us, What only he can see. He doesn’t have fear in him. The wind, The waves, They don’t bother him. He has control over them. Just a word.

Our lives, They don’t scare him. He’s seen a lot. Nothing is out of his reach. No one is too far from him. He came to seek and save those who were lost, To set people free, To give life in ALL of its fullness, To provide hope and purpose, To give us joy and peace, Even when we have no earthly reason for it.

If you’re wanting to know him, His name is Jesus. I could not recommend him more highly. He transforms. He journeys with us. We are so imperfect, but he has all that we lack. He is so patient, so kind. One like no other. Have a chat to him, let him know I mentioned him. He knows me, he’d love to know you too! And if you’d like someone to chat to about him, I am up for that!