The Promise

I am going through a divorce.

Tomorrow I have mediation.

In two weeks I have my third court date.

Sounds bad hey. But that doesn’t define me. That’s not who I am. That is something I’m going through. I won’t lie, it has been a hard process. It is something you would never wish upon anyone. It is humbling. It is challenging, but it is not the end of your life. It’s not something anyone would ever choose to do. At least not in my opinion.

But that’s not the point.
I want to talk about mindset, about focus, about fixing your gaze.

Just because you have to walk through a long, dark tunnel, doesn’t mean you can’t keep longing, hoping and fixing your eyes upon the light. Just because you are at the start or the middle of that tunnel, doesn’t mean you can’t keep the end in sight.

We all go through difficulties. We all face hardship. We don’t all go through the exact same thing. Life would be a bit boring and predictable if so. But I believe when we share some of our reality, we can learn from one another. This life is an amazing opportunity to learn, from your own life, the times you tripped, the times you fell, the times you should have kept your mouth shut. The times you should have spoken up, but didn’t. And we can learn from so many around us – if they will share their journey with us. If they are willing to break through the expected facade of perfection. This life is for living. We’ve all messed up at times. But it doesn’t mean we can’t stand again, rise from our ashes, wipe away the dust, the tears.

Sometimes when we’re going through things, we’ve got to hold onto the promise. It is probably different for every person. I don’t know, I only know what has been revealed to me. The promise didn’t just fall out of the sky though. I asked, I talked, I shared my heart, I went to listen. He is the one who rewards those who earnestly seek him. When you speak to him, then you hear him, it is the sweetest thing. The most precious. As he actually hears our hearts desire. He actually listens. He actually cares about the details. And he speaks. And when he does, you know it is him, as he doesn’t speak like anyone else. He speaks with such certainty. He is so clear. What he says is so definite. There is no fear in what he proclaims.

For me, if I look at my circumstances, if I look at the reality of the dream I have, I will most likely despair. But he is bigger than that. He has set a dream in my heart. And not just a pointless, lifeless, hopeless fairy tale happily ever after dream. Those are only in books. But a real dream. Each time I take me eyes/my focus and start looking at what’s right in front of me and all the reasons why the dream could never be, he reminds me, don’t look at that, lift your eyes, trust me. Even when you can’t see it. I am able. I can do this. I know you can’t see it now. But it will come. Do not fear. I go before you. I am the one who split the sea. I am the one who made paths in the desert. I am the one who brought water from the rock. I am the one that brought food from the sky. Do you trust me? Or only what you see?

Do you trust me?

If you do, then walk in it.

Do not be afraid.