I Need You

Lord, I don’t have the wisdom,
But you do.
I don’t have the strength,
But you do.
I don’t have the patience,
But you do.
I don’t have the peace,
But you do.
I need you Lord.
I need you.
No one else is like you.
No one knows the end from the beginning.
No one sees the whole chapter, and not just the page.
No one knows every heart like you do.
No one sees right to the depths of me,
And is unfazed by any of it.
No one looks at me like you do.
When you look at me,
There is such love.
Such kindness.
You see the brokenness, but you see so much further past it.
You see and know what it was placed there for.
You see what is ahead.
You see what potential there is.
You know exactly what I need from you and others around me.
You know me.
Better than I even know myself.
In to me you see.
And it doesn’t scare you.
I love that about you.
You see the best in me.
And you see the worst.
You see what I dream of becoming, what I absolutely want and long to do before I die.
You see how it tears me to sheds.
That I don’t have all the answers.
That I don’t know the exact way.
But you see exactly what you are doing.
And it doesn’t scare you.
Without you, I would have given up long ago.
Without you, the road would have been too long, the night too dark, the world too far gone.
With you, there is hope.
You are the light.
You are the way.
You are the one we look to for strength, for wisdom, for peace.
You are the one.
I am so glad I have you and everyone that you have placed around me.
Each one is a light, a glimmer of hope, a sliver of strength, a reminder of peace.
Thank you.