Why Trust Him

Why as children are we so trusting? We are more than happy to follow, to be lead, to hold onto our fathers hand, to go on an adventure, to believe what we are told, to just generally trust the people around us. That they have our best interests at heart, that they love us, that they care for us, that we are treasured.

Trust is such a fragile inner concept, but it has such huge effects on our life. If only as adults we could know our heavenly father as we did our earthly dad. If we knew him to that extent, spent that amount of time with him, heard him laugh, sat with him through the footy, saw him with his chainsaw and ute, watched him lead his family, ran around with him in the yard kicking the footy, chatted to him about the problems in life and the world, waited for him to finish that email, got help from him for your maths homework, saw him cry when his mum died… If we knew him like that, maybe we would trust him. I think we would.

He cares for us infinitely more than our own dad. He longs to lead us, to walk beside us, to take us through the fire, to purify us, to cry with us, and just be. Let’s trust him, even when it looks like he’s refusing to read the map and reckons he knows exactly where we are. He does. He sees from way up above. He knows what Google earth doesn’t.

It’s hard at times, looking at the here and now, wondering about the future, having such huge dreams upon your heart, having no idea whether they will come to fruition. It hurts. We’ve got to give him the reigns. As much as we want to hold them, we want to cling to them, they’re all we’ve got left. They’re safer in his hands.

He has such wisdom,such patience, such grace, such kindness, such mercy, such compassion. He won’t let them go, he won’t get distracted, he doesn’t forget. He is ever faithful. He wants to give us life and life to the full. He wants to take us as we are, broken, scared, lonely, confused. He won’t leave us in that state, he will sit with us, talk with us, walk with us, laugh with us. He will heal us, forgive us, show us, lead us and transform us. Refined by fire in the hands of the Father.