Some days God allows to break us. The culmination of sick kids, a new cat that is currently nocturnal, solicitors, emotions, events and usual survival of life with 3 kids five and under, and a Monday when I don’t even know what happened or didn’t happen.

Anyways. Thinking about being broken. It hurts, but it is a precious time, as you see, feel and know what is inside.

Horses get broken. Beforehand they are wild, they’re free, they have only themselves as their master and commander. But they are limited. They can only live one type of life, they have a huge fear of the other side.

When they are broken, so is the power of that fear. That is not an easy process. I haven’t done it myself, but I have worked with horses that have been ensnared by fear and helped retrain them, open their eyes, ears and heart to the amazing things that can happen when they trust the rider, when they’re able to walk, trot, canter with the rider, jump, gallop, side-step, move and stop in sync.

When God allows us to be broken by the things of this life, I believe He wants to prepare us, to ready us to take on a new mindset, to see things in a new light, to be set free from fear, to trust him and to be ready to write a new chapter, to have his strength, not just our own.

Take courage. He breaks us, so we can look up and see Him. To see his strength, his wisdom, his peace, his perspective, his plan.

He has a better way.