Wikipedia Erases Paleontologist Gunter Bechly!

World famous paleontologist Dr Gunter Bechly is a highly respected scientist. Despite his impeccable scientific credentials Dr Bechly’s modest page has been deleted from wikipedia! This transpired shortly after the scientist first came out against evolution and in favour of intelligent design in 2017. Bechly defended himself in the wikipedia debate over his notability with dozens of more secondary sources from the print press, TV and radio plus three described new insect orders, more than 160 described species, and insect family Bechlyidae, a genus and 8 species named after me, 2 edited books and numerous book chapters, 1 book in German about me, and a ResearchGate score that is higher than 85% of ResearchGate members.

After revealing his support for the theory of intelligent design, he was also pushed out as a curator at the State Museum of Natural History in Stuttgart, Germany and had his web pages deleted by that institution. So much for tolerance and balanced debate.

The anonymous editor “Trekker” proposed Bechly’s deletion from wikipedia. Trekker’s interests include pro wrestling, literature, science fiction, fantasy and comic book[s].

It’s a distorted and deceptive world we live in where truth doesn’t matter at all. Invisible people like “Trekker”, in powerful influential organizations like wikipedia, control what you see and read.

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Watch ‘Revolutionary’ and hear some of Dr Bechly’s story