Modern ‘Inclusion’

Rugby Australia have engaged in a protracted PC fight with their star Wallabies fullback, Israel Folau. They and some sponsors feel that Israel has violated their precious “inclusion” policy. “Inclusion” is a very misleading name though because it is really about division, dividing us all into two groups – the ‘in’ group and the ‘out’ group.

The in group can say whatever they like, as loud and raucous as they like.? The in group celebrates ‘inclusiveness’ and ‘tolerance’. The out group can play along as long as they keep their views to themselves. They are expected to stay silent when their cherished beliefs are mocked and ridiculed. The in group come down hard and fast on anyone who disagrees with them. The “in” group can flaunt their sexuality. The “out” group only has to mention theirs at the risk of their behaviour being called divisive, toxic or worse. And what happens when a member of the out group transgresses? Well, there is actually a third group, the outcasts, who are officially non-persons, not employable, not allowed to participate or speak at all. This is ‘inclusion’ as its being imposed on us today.

Do you ever wonder what a real policy of Inclusion would look like? Well, the right to participate in an activity would be based solely on ability – for representative sport that would mean being an excellent player. The policy of real inclusion would mean each of us respecting the right of everyone to not only hold whatever belief they might have but also to express those beliefs. It would mean everyone accepting that we each have a right to freedom of conscience, of religion and of speech. It would mean accepting that not everyone else agrees with you or approves of the way you behave in life. It means working and cooperating with each other despite these differences.

Wouldn’t a real policy of Inclusion be challenging though? Of course; all truly ethical positions require effort, maturity and true commitment. Authentic Inclusion, based on true tolerance, was once the costly foundation of our free, multicultural nation. Yes, there are remnants of this still around but they can be hard to find these days.

Like all counterfeits, the politically correct ‘inclusion’ has no true value. Using intimidation, it attempts to shut down mature debate. It demands the suppression of supposedly unorthodox views. It tries to cover over the real differences that exist in any community to avoid hurting anyone’s feelings, especially those in the in group. Counterfeits are both deceptive and dangerous. This one moves us away from true freedom and democracy towards an Orwellian future where increasingly powerful media and political elites determine what is acceptable thought. There is a better way forward.