The Old Things Have Passed Away II

Pete’s amazing story continued.

… from part 1 of Pete’s story

Freedom … at last!

After we got there we both became quite emotional. We saw what we thought was nothing more than a bunch of weirdos waving their hands about in the air! Yet they seemed happy enough. We stayed as long as we could but eventually left. Although glad to get out, I still intended coming back the following week. A pattern we actually repeated for the next three months! One Sunday morning the Pastor invited me to the front and asked if I wanted to become a Christian. I said ‘Yeah, whatever.’ I started repeating the sinner’s prayer after him when I suddenly began shaking. I felt something in me trying to resist. Finally, I made a confession and invited Jesus to be Lord of my life. The resistance I had been experiencing suddenly stopped and I felt free for the first time in my life! I was what the Bible refers to as being ‘born again.’

Deliverance from spiritual oppression

Then, the noises started coming back. It was like someone had left a wireless on in the next room and I knew the enemy was trying to tempt me back to my old habits. A visiting evangelist came to our church and invited anyone who wanted a special touch from God to come out to the front. I went out and he asked me what my problem was. I replied, “My mind keeps wandering.” Immediately he rebuked the spirit that was tormenting me. “You lying, tormenting spirit, come out of him in the name of Jesus” he said. And it did! I dropped to the floor and everything went real quiet. From that moment, I knew I could fully trust God to remove all my anxieties and fears as well as the guilt and the shame of my former life.

The Good News!

My only desire now was to share the gospel with others. After what God had done for me, I just wanted others in my position to also be free. I knew they could if they too were prepared to trust God and invite Jesus into their lives. I love God and I’m not afraid to share my faith with anyone anywhere. Jesus died on a cross for my sin and I want others to know about His love. I know I am saved and going to heaven, not because of anything great I have done but because of what Jesus has done for me. The only part I played was to simply believe and make Him part of my life.


A few closing comments

My wife Pos and I have been Christians now for over ten years. For fifteen years I lived out of a bag of clothes. Within a month of being saved, Pos and I got married because we knew that’s what God wanted. We almost own our home now and no longer use drugs or alcohol. God is doing great things in our lives and we just want to learn more of how we can love and serve Him.

The former things have passed away.
God has made all things new.

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Pete and his wife Pos