Breaking Free From Witchcraft

Sue was overwhelmed with darkness – immorality, drugs, witchcraft and the occult. After much searching and almost losing hope, Sue had some amazing experiences resulting in a change of heart and real peace.


While going to school, I became involved with a group of people outside of school who drank and took drugs. I skipped a lot of school and when I did turn up I was usually stoned. One morning I came late to school with two friends. We had been smoking dope all morning and we must have stunk! We were called into the principal’s office and I was accused of smoking cigarettes, which I did not do at the time. I was accused of leading the other two girls astray. The other girls thought it was hilarious at the time, as they were both cigarette smokers and I was not!

Witchcraft, immorality & darkness

After I completed school, I briefly went to university where I lived on campus. Later on I did think it was strange that I was placed on the same floor as all the ‘born again’ Christian girls. You would think this would have opened my eyes. Rather, I gave them a very hard time, as my life increased in darkness. This life included not only drugs and immorality but also witchcraft and practices that the bible warns against.

Drug dealers, thieves, gamblers and junkies

I moved to ‘big city’ where I worked in hotels and pubs, meeting more drug dealers, thieves and gamblers and I lived a life that supported such activity. I just thank God that even though I was surrounded by junkies, I was afraid of needles and went only as far as to be hooked on cocaine, speed and ecstasy.

Alive on the outside – dying on the inside

On the surface I was bubbly, cheerful and the life of the party but on the inside I was like dead men’s bones. I moved to the ‘big city’ to get away from drugs. Here I lived in a condemned house full of dope smokers. It was there that I became more heavily involved with the occult. I would also try to draw people I met into darkness.

Friend controlled by evil spirits

But during this time the spirit of God was drawing me closer to Himself. I would also read the bible and twice Jesus appeared to me in a vision. I remember telling a psychic friend of mine that Jesus had talked to me. An expression of pain came over him and he started yelling and waving his arms about saying, “Who do you think you are, that Jesus would speak to you?” He became completely taken over by the demonic forces that controlled him that I couldn’t get out the house quick enough!

Forever grateful

The most important time at school was Religious Education and the times one of my teachers shared their faith in Jesus to me. This teacher made time for me, and helped me with my Mathematics in year nine. He was willing to meet me in breaks to tell me more of God. He never preached to me, yet he knew what he believed to be true. This teacher told us the scientific evidence for Creation and the many problems there are with the theory of evolution. This was the only science lesson I recall! God used this teacher to impact my life and I will be forever grateful.

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Repented of magic arts and sexual immorality

Sometime after this I walked into a church in and I fully gave my heart to Jesus. It was there that I renounced all my evil practices of immorality, occult, rebellion and everything that was not of God. I was delivered, set free and cleansed by His precious blood. Here Jesus reminded me of the first time He had called me when I lived on the farm at the age of fifteen.

“Many of those who believed now came and openly confessed their evil deeds.
A number who had practiced sorcery brought their scrolls and burned them …” (Acts 19:18,19).

Goodness, mercy and power

I have now gone to Bible College where I met my husband who was called by God to full time ministry. We serve the Lord in our home and local church. I love Jesus with all my heart and can’t help but tell people about His goodness, mercy and restoration power.

Transforming power

As time has passed, I’ve seen my family come to know God and worship Him as the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords. They are committed churchgoers whose lives have been transformed by His power.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.
God bless you

1 This is not the person’s real name.

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