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A Sky’s Roar

Suicide seemed to be the only way out for Kenneth after years of fighting, drugs and alcohol. It took him almost losing his life to find life in the Savior.


A Sky’s Roar

Chaos and Storms

I was born in Paris, France. My parents divorced when I was a young age. I grew up looking for answers and comfort in all the wrong places ... the world. Junior High is when I started rebelling and getting in trouble; suspension after suspension and after school detention after detention. I then got into the crowd that leads to destruction and in doing so my life became engulfed with chaos and storms.


I got into a fight in the seventh grade that led to some very interesting results. Two people wanted to have a huge fight, with the people I was associated with, and the people they were associated with. I told none of my friends of it because I thought it was silly. Well, they all showed up where my friends and I were supposed to meet with various weapons. In the process they said that my dad drove bye (he didn't, he was at work.) and shortly after the police arrived busting people with guns and various weapons.

Drugs and Alcohol Addictions

Not long after that, my mother received various life threatening calls from people saying what they were to do to us for revenge. We moved. I got in more trouble fighting and then was suspended for half of a year due to being caught with drugs in school. We moved again and I went through High School. After graduation my life took a dramatic turn for the worse. I began drinking alcohol and doing drugs. So much so, that in a two month span I lost 50 pounds from using cocaine. Needless to say, shortly after that my mother learned of my addiction.

A Sky’s Roar

At this time in my life, I felt I had no reason to live any longer. I went home and wrote a letter to my family telling them that I loved them but I could no longer take the pain that this life brings. I took a gun and went to a river bank in Texas. It was there that I thought I would take my last breath. On that clear sunny day, with blue skies, I knelt down against a tree and lifted the gun up. As I went to pull the trigger the beautiful clear sky cracked with thunder! It was there that I knew there was a true living God.

Comfort, peace and answers in Him

Instantly, I dropped the gun and there began my recovery from the drugs and alcohol through my new found Savior Jesus Christ. I then got into His Word, which is the Bible, and found the comfort I had always searched for ... peace...the answer. You see I was addicted to drugs, now my ‘addiction’ is in the King of Kings (Jesus Christ). I once was consumed in alcohol, and now I am completely consumed in the Lord of Lords. It took me almost losing my life to find it and now that I have Him in my life it will never be the same.

Thank you my beautiful Savior, my King, my Lord, my Rock, my Healer, My redeemer, my fortress, My joy and my all in all forever more ... Jesus Christ, My Lord and Savior.


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