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High Profile Christians

Links to information about the lives of high profile Christians.

High Profile Christians


1. Peter Pollock - International Cricketer for South Africa

2. Chris Meyer - Rodeo Champion

3. Darren Beadman - Melbourne Cup winning Jockey  

4. Betty Cuthbert - Australian Sprinter (4 Olympic Gold )

5. Carl Lewis - Sprinter and Long Jumper (9 Olympic Gold)

6. Jason Stevens - Australian Rugby League International

7. Pete Maravich - American Basketball Star

8. Michelle Achers - Soccer (Olympic Gold)

9. Belinda Halloran - Australian Tri-athlete (Iron Woman) [Follow 'Christianity works in peoples lives' to 'Belinda Halloran - Tri-athlete']

10. Joe Gibbs - Grid Iron (3 Super Bowl victories / Hall of Fame)

11. The Goal - Christians in sport

12. Bear Grylls - Extreme Adventurer

13. Duncan Armstrong - Swimming (Olympic Gold Medalist)

14. Brad Thorn - Rugby League International

15. Andrew Swallow - Australian Rules Football

16. Mark Seaby - Australian Rules Football


1. Chuck Colson - Special counsel to President Nixon (jailed for involvement in Watergate)
2. John Anderson - Former Deputy Prime Minster of Australia

Early Church Fathers

1. Ignatius - About his martyrdom   
2. Polycarp - About his Martyrdom

Read about History and the Bible

Life Experiences

1. Bronwen Healy - Ex-prostitute
2. John Newton - Ex-slave trader (Composer of the song ‘Amazing Grace’)
3. Tom Panpania - Ex-gangster / ex-mafia enforcer   
4. John Bunyan - Escaping the weight of sin (Author of the book ‘Pilgrim’s Progress’)   
5. Corrie ten Boom - Concentration camp survivor (Author of the book ‘The Hiding Place’)
6. Arthur Stace - Writer of the word ‘Eternity’ on city streets
7. Josh McDowell - Ex-hardened sceptic         
8. Rabi Maharaj - Ex-Hindu Guru
9. Ian McCormack - A Glimpse of Eternity                 
10. Johnny Lee Clary - Former National Leader of The Ku Klux Klan and Champion Pro-Wrestler


1. Handel - Brilliant Composer (Wrote ‘The Messiah’)
2. Johann Sebastian Bach - one of greatest composers of all time

3. www.christians.com/testimonies

4. Keith Green - Brilliant singer / - songwriter.  Listen to Keith's song 'Grace By Which I Stand'

5. Bono U2

6. Bob Dylan Pressing On!

7. Johnny Cash The Man Comes Around

About the book 'The Spiritual Lives of the Great Composers'

Great scientists and composers talk about their faith in God

Photographers and Artists

1. Ken Duncan - Brilliant Australian Photographer  (Follow 'Christianity works in peoples lives' to 'Ken Duncan - Australian Photographer'.        

Ken Duncan's website with his photos

2. Lynton Allan - Unique Australian artist who produces black line art (using chalk that can only be seen under U.V. light)


Read quotes from great scientists from Lord Kelvin, Johannes Kepler, Louis Pasteur, Robert Boyle, Joule, Lister, Linnaeus, Newton, and Faraday.

The book ‘21 Scientists Who Believed the Bible’ gives more information on their faith in God.

Read Scientific Evidence Against Evolution


1. John Wesley - Man of God 
2. Spurgeon - ‘The Prince of Preachers’
3. www.christians.com/testimonies