Katy Faust on Same Sex Marriage

Katy grew up with her mother and her lesbian partner after her natural parents divorced. She presents powerful arguments opposing same sex marriage yet lovingly supports her gay friends and family members.

Her she summarizes some key points.

My hope is that traditional marriage supporters learned a few things from my visit too. Here is a synopsis if you missed them.

  • The belief that there is no reason to support traditional marriage other than “discrimination” is deeply engrained, as evidenced by Di Natale’s statement.  That’s partly the fault of identity politics gone wild and powerful propaganda, but also the fault of marriage supporters who have not been able to make their case effectively.  If you want to become a more capable defender of our cause I suggest that you get the book “Truth Overruled” by Ryan T. Anderson.  He talks about how we find ourselves in the strange place right now of having to explain something that most people throughout history have taken for granted, to effectively define what marriage is and why it exists.  He lays out the case for why marriage is more than a contract between two individuals, it’s a force for social good.
  • Leaders in your own government think that you are hateful for your views.  Of course Sam Dastyari doesn’t represent everyone, but you win political points if you can stand up to bigots these days and he took the chance to do so on national TV.  I want to encourage you to prove him wrong.  Be the most loving, merciful, forgiving and sacrificial person that your gay family and friends will ever meet.  And, if you are a Christian, then it is actually your duty to do so. You will be called a bigot if you defend marriage but when you do, all your gay friends should laugh at the claim.
  • The fact that I was even invited to be on Q&A tells says that you can make a difference. I’m not a politician, lawyer, or professional. I’m simply a woman who believes that there is something irreplaceable about a duel sex union as it pertains to children, who knows that two men could not replace my mother no more than two loving women could replace my father, who had an irreplaceable impact on my life and development even to this day.  My unbelievable adventure began as a simple conviction and the more I was challenged, the more I learned.  The more I learned the more comfortable I felt talking and writing about marriage and family. Mates, if I can do this, you can do this.

Several Australians told me that they want to do something for the cause of marriage but they don’t know where to start.  Trust me, you are in the same boat as us Americans. No one in media, Hollywood, or academia is going to speak for you.  Your only hope is a grass-roots movement with YOU at the helm.  You have to become an expert on this subject so that you can speak effectively to your family and friends. Period.