Limitations Of Science (John Lennox)

John Lennox (MA PhD Phil Dsc) is a Professor of Mathematics at the University of Oxford and here he shows some of the limitations of science.

Quote from Erwin Schrodinger (one of the greatest scientists of modern times):

“The scientific picture of the world around me is very deficient … It knows nothing of beauty and ugly, good or bad, God and eternity. Science sometimes pretends to answer questions in these domains, but the answers are very often so silly that we are not inclined to take them seriously. Science is reticent too when it is a question of the great Unity of which we somehow form a part, to which we belong. The most popular name for it in our time is God, with a capital “G”.

Quoted in There is a God: How the world’s most notorious atheist changed his mind written by Antony Flew (with Roy Abraham Varghese), Harper One Publications, New York, 2007.

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